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17 November 2006

Release of 1.7.3 (Stable)
  • linked against newest luky library (major port)
  • fixes thread issues in the clients

    28 February 2006

    Release of 1.7.2 (Stable)
  • replaced updateUI with repaint (more stable)
  • documentation has solution for refresh/resize problem
  • Dialog for user when connection fails

    8 February 2006

    Release of 1.7.1 (Stable)
  • Bug fixes in Applet thread handling
  • linked against LGPL luky library

    26 January 2006

    Release of 1.7.0 (Stable)
  • First stable release
  • 1.7.x will only have bugfixes
  • 1.8.x becomes unstable development branch

    17 January 2006

    Release of 1.6.13 (Release candidate 2)
  • Return of the persistant trap logging
  • Applet cosmetics
  • added trap blocking
  • SNMP poll interval is min 10s
  • Default look and feel changed to 1.7 design
  • added watchdog (discovery, without recovery) to applet
  • full testing of server on Linux
  • small testing of server on OSX
  • first release with proguard compression
  • applications that do not propagate get a * behind the name

    2 January 2006

    Release of 1.6.12 (Release candidate 1)
  • Improved Themes applet
  • added periodicSync to master
  • log reports time correctly
  • improved eval
  • empty traps are discarded

    22 December 2005

    Added design to documentation, version 1.6.11 runs now continously for 10 days without any problem, version 1.6.12-rc1 ran for 2 days and is almost ready for release.

    9 December 2005

    Release of 1.6.11
  • Applet is themeable
  • Masterd now supports roll-over log
  • Trapd Socket leak plugged (Reduced chance on IOException: Too many open files)
  • 5 December 2005

    Release of 1.6.10
  • Disable LogFallBack,
  • Linked luky 3.07
  • FIXED probes now work
  • Added EvaluationClient in masterd
  • historical traps are correctly sorted
  • applets close connections on page out

    23 November 2005

    Release of 1.6.8
  • Bug release. Master Deamon reconnects in most cases correctly, timing remains critical
  • Added some fault recovery in case trap storms occur
  • State changes are only past if there is really a change
  • State Change are no longer automatically passed as traps

    21 November 2005

    Release of 1.6.6
  • Deployment enhancements, masterd now reconnects to lost cmsd deamons
  • Master Deamon can log to a file
  • -q now really means be quiet

    14 November 2005

    Release of 1.6.3
  • Minor bugfix, Nodetypes with both probes and applications will now only include the status of the probe if it makes sense (!= UNKNOWN)

    13 November 2005

    Release of 1.6.2 (Beta Version)
  • Release 1.6.2 is the first official beta release. It includes the new SNMP manager, which should be significant more memory efficient. It's baby run (well actually 1.6.1) did well on roughly 250 nodes. 1.6.2 will now enter beta testing against 1037 nodes.

    11 November 2005

    Pre-release of 1.6
  • This release includes luky lib 3.0.1 which has an advanced SNMP manager. Currently it replaces the simple one and has some minor improvement over memory usage. The main reason is expandabilty. From here we can make the whole polling reantrant in a single thread ! The 1.5.1 release showed significant problems when polling 1035 nodes simultanously from a 1035 threads ...... suggest using it on smaller configurations or wait for 1.6.1

    9 November 2005

    Update to 1.5.1
  • Files were corrupt at sourceforge, corrected at 9/11/05

    1 November 2005

    First release of iCMS and this webpage
  • Release 1.5 of ICMS is the first public release of ICMS. The software has been thoroughly tested in a "white box" enviroment and is now released as baseline for alpha testing. General feedback and bug fixes should lead to a 1.6 beta to be released around the start of December.