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What is iCMS?

iCMS is a web based control and monitor application that allows for the remote control and monitoring of (computer) systems. It can monitor "Nodes", by means of SNMP or ICMP polling. These nodes can be hardware devices, e.g. switches, routers, hubs etc. or computers.
Within computers it is possible to monitor the status of applications, again based on SNMP polling. iCMS can also monitor applications on a node and send SNMP commands to applications or nodes. In addition to active polling, iCMS listens to traps generated by the nodes, stores and displayes them to the users.
The iCMS deamos run independent of the frontend and thus allow for persistancy of data.


iCMS is based on a tree-tier architecture as shown in the image below:

One ore more CMS deamons run to collect actual status information. They can also listen to traps on the machine that they are running. The master deamon connects to all CMS deamons and acts as a central gateway. The interface between the frontend and the master deamon, and the interface between master and CMS deamons is identical.
These interfaces are event based and require very little bandwith, whereas the polling of the CMS deamon will take more bandwidth. The frontend is a java applet that can run in any browser on any platform.
The cms deamon and master deamon are java applications that are tested on Mac OS X and Linux, but should run on any JVM.


Release 1.6.x

iCMS is currently in Beta state, it runs, and has passed major testing. Code has been cleaned and moved to the stable branch

Release 1.7.x

This is the first stable release, it has been released and will only be updated with bugfixes

Release 1.8.x

The 1.8 is the new feature release. It will have the new functionality that was requested during the beta phase, but we did not want to implement in the first release.

Requested functions:

  • About box
  • Upgrade to substance 2.1
  • Use high performance sockets
  • Trap logging to file
  • Info History Size
  • Applet sorted by node type
  • A resizeable applet
  • Configure refresh
  • Improved Comm classes (with heartbeat recovery)