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The Design

iCMS has followed a waterfall approach during the design, fortunatly without too many cascades. The following chapters will be filled with rough design diagram as to the actual implementation of the 1.6/1.7 branch. It will never be fully up to date, but should give a fair impression.

The Trapd

The trap deamon was the first component developed. It's a simple trap listener but it defined the structure of the other components greatly

The Pollerd

Is the heart of the system. It resembles the trapd structure slightly. But where MyTrapListener is a simple class is the Monitored Item Manager subclassed in many classes.

The CMS Deamon

Actually is a neat wrap up of both the previous classes. It works so well that the older deamons have never been tested seperately anymore since the 1.4.1 release. It should still work, but no effort is maintained, since the CMSD runs just as good.

The Master Deamon

The Master Deamon connects to a number of cms deamons and synchronizes between them.

The Applet

Initial Design

The Applet has grown over time but still remains a very simple application.

Comms improvement

The following comms improvement has been suggested for the 1.6 branch to ensure that applets discover the loss of parents. The 1.8 implementation covers a complete redesign which will put more data through a single channel